KMC Trade License Consultant Kolkata

Are you planning to start your own business in Kolkata? Then you a need obtain a Trade License from Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC). Deallicense is the best Trade License Consultant in Kolkata. With us you can obtain your trade license in a tension free way. Our expert team will help you save your valuable time. The service is available at your door step. Let us first understand the need of a Trade License for your business.

Why you need a Trade License?

A Trade License is issued by the Government. It permits individuals, companies or firms to conduct business. The permit is given by the government to carry out the same within its geographical jurisdiction. So if you are starting your business venture, the first step would be obtaining the Trade License .This is to be done after identifying your line of business. First you must identify the place of business. If the same is in Kolkata then Kolkata Municipal Corporation(KMC) is the issuing authority for your Trade License.

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The Procedure For KMC Trade License

You must obtain a Certificate of Enlistment first. This is equivalent to the Trade License in Kolkata. For obtaining a Trade License you need to apply for it in the prescribed form under section 199. You must submit certain documents for showing the place of business as shown. For supporting your business type you need to provide certain documents along with your application as well. Following the receipt of the same, the KMC would make certain enquiries and shall grant the Certificate of enlistment if everything is in order or reject it.

Why Deallicense is the Best Trade License Consultant in Kolkata?

The Trade License is a very important document which you must have before you want to start any business in Kolkata. The process has been made simpler in recent past. But the same requires much expertise as it involves documentation which you may not be familiar with.

We have been in this field for a long time. Our expert License consultants are experts can guide you through the entire process right from the beginning. We have a door step delivery service. Thus you can avail this service from the comfort of your office or home as desired. The materials we provide for guidance are simple and you can follow them easily. These have been developed by highly experienced professionals in the field. The entire process of obtaining the Trade License for your business becomes very convenient. You can save much time and concentrate on your core business. We also offer License Renewal services.

To sum up the following are ways in which you could benefit with our services:

  • Take advantage of our rich experience we have in the field
  • Avail door step delivery of our services.
  • Gain a total understanding of the process.
  • Save on valuable time and concentrate on your core business.
  • Take best advantage of a Tension-free way to collect your Trade License in Kolkata.

KMC Trade License For Following:
  • Bidhannagar Municipality Corporation Trade License
  • Howrah Municipal Corporation Trade license
  • South Dum Dum Municipality Trade license
  • DUM Dum Municipal Trade license
  • Rajarhat Gopalpur Municipality Trade license